Hello and welcome! I’m Nicoletta, born in Bologna but adopted from the lovely province of Modena and I am a seamstress/pattern maker.

Started to sew back in 2012 for fun, now it’s my job: I draw patterns, look for the best fabrics, and prepare the sewing courses my girls attend with me.

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If you’re asking if I studied in a “regular” sewing school, well I haven’t: I started with one years ago but dropped out after a few years as it was not what I needed.

Now I continue studying on my own, with a lot of books around me and sewing non stop, to offer the best product I can, applying both tailoring and industrial sewing techniques!

Sewing for a living, I’m constantly surrounded by patterns and fabrics, that I use to create the sewing courses where I teach people to sew! I still find joy in sewing for myself and I couldn’t be happier!

To find out more how I work and what I can do for you, here you can find the tutorial that are on this blog and here you can find all the new sewing courses!

Thank you for being here!


You can find me on Facebook or Instagram looking for DiNuvoleDiCuori!

Cover image and portraits: Nicoletta Valdisteno Fotografia


Seamstress for passion. Pink grapefruit and cedrata lover. Welcome!