Hello and welcome back*! Today a small service article to introduce you to some nice sewing newsletters!

Hi there, how are you? Today I’ll chat with you a bit, about sewing and newsletters!

What are newsletters?

They are those emails to which we subscribe (including me) in the rush to have a discount / new model / latest news and then we forget to have them there and after a bit, we cancel the subscriptions cause we’re not interested in them anymore.

Now, however, newsletters, unlike in the past, have become well structured and are full of news, interesting articles and give us food for thought.

And that’s why a few days ago, on Instagram, I asked you if you follow any sewing newsletters and I decided, in addition to saving them in my Instagram profile, to write an article here on the blog, to have all the names and links together.

A few names to get started

First, I would start by dividing newsletters into two categories: 1. discursive ones, which give news in general and insights about the patterns/services they sell, and 2. those that present only their services.

Of the first category I follow:

Of the second category I follow:

What did you recommend to me?

You have recommended me several that I didn’t know, so here they are:

What do you think about newsletters? I find them very interesting to stay updated on all the news and discover new news!
Do you follow others that I have not included in this list?
Let me know by leaving your comment below!

Nuovo cartamodello DNDC: Atena, la blusa raglan

See ya!

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