Hi! There’s a new coat in my wardrobe, the Pepernoot by Waffle Patterns!

Let’s face it: the bigger the project, the more I have only two ways of sewing it. Either I finish it 1 hour before wearing it on or I start it and then drag it through the years.
Well, this coat is part of the second case.

Started end of 2020, it was finished this November. A year later, yes.
But only because my other everyday coat, this one, had holes in its texture. The wool was worn out in the classic spots, under the armpits, and on the shoulder on which I place the bag while I stroll around so all that made me remember was that I had a coat to finish!

The pattern is the Pepernoot by Waffle Patterns, a pattern brand that I have been following since 2015. I admired this brand for the precision, the details in the patterns, and the care in proposing garments that are always fashionable and on-trend and I wasn’t let down at all.
Technically, it is impeccable: a lot of details, layered pattern with seam allowances marked on the paper, so a pleasure to sew.

What do I think about this coat?

I love it. I loved it for a long, long time, and FINALLY, I had the right time to buy and sew it!

Where do the fabrics I used come from? Still asking myself. I know they had been in my fabric stash for at least 6 years. At least. And the perfect time has come for them to be used!

With such a “static” shape I thought I didn’t want just one color: it would become a classic coat. And I didn’t want a classic coat, I wanted a coat that spoke of me to myself.

Because let’s say it clearly: I sew for myself.

I do not buy garments unless strictly necessary, I wear what I sew and honestly, I understood that I need garments that feel like me 200%, not 100%.
Because I want to open my closet and see myself in a dress, in a coat, in a skirt. Because what others have or want, doesn’t belong to me.

This coat is therefore a mixture of many details, which required care and patience and of which I am amazingly proud.

A bit of technique

And those details are the zippers on the applied pockets, the fuchsia piping in the seam, the lining (THE LINING!!!) that has no flowers, BUT a lot of colors and that I love madly, it is the hand sewing made to stop the lining on the outer shell.

It is my coat, which fits into my collection of coats, each of which continues to be worn still nowadays!

What do you think about the Pepernoot coat? It’s fair to say you understand I love it to death!

Fancy to see what I sewed for myself? You can find it here!

Nuovo cartamodello DNDC: Atena, la blusa raglan

See ya!

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2 thoughts on “Pepernoot and the winter coat!”

  1. Awesome coat! I love the quilted lining and is that a big inner pocket I see inside? Internal pockets are the best! Even better if they zip closed. This is a classic coat and I love the interpretation here–elegant and sporty at the same time. Kudos to both sewer and pattern makers!

    1. Hi Linda,
      thank you so much for your kind words, I appreciate it! The zip is absolutely a must to have and very practical too!
      Kudos to you too!

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