Biarritz, waves and wind: it’s your turn!

December: the gifts’ month, the joyful’s month, the month where you get together to celebrate! Is there any better month than this to publish a new pattern, perfect for any occasion?! I don’t think there is, so here we go!!!

Let me introduce you to Biarritz, the full circle skirt with details!

Biarritz full circle skirt comes from the collection published in La Mia Boutique magazine in October 2019 and yes, I still wear as much as I can! Cause, let’s be clear: a full circle skirt goes on anything, right?!

You can find the pattern HERE for free and you can download it in multiple Italian sizes, 38 to 50, all in one PDF pattern. You will also find a material sheet, where you have the fabric measurements, the size measurements, and the pieces by which the skirt is formed.

As per all other DiNuvoleDiCuori patterns, you will not find any instructions or pattern placement to help you create this pattern. On top of that, DiNuvoleDiCuori patterns do NOT have seam allowances included. You can add them accordingly to your preferences.


Because I want you to go all-in with your knowledge. I want you to improve. I want you not to settle for anything less than “I know how to do it”.

But easier than that: I want you to have fun, I want you to have no rules at all and see what comes out of it.

If you already are at a certain level, upgrading a little bit will not worry you at all. If you’re somewhere between novice and intermediate, you could be scared by all of this and it’s totally normal. And if you’re in some way a newbie you would love to have done it YESTERDAY. Let’s face it: go big or go home, right? (been there, done that!)

And doesn’t matter which party are you in, in case you decide to go all-in with Biarritz and you probably might have a few questions, I’m here to help with a single sewing lesson on just one detail or a full sewing course on how to sew the full pattern! And you can contact me here.

Technical details Biarritz’s skirt

  • Full circle skirt
  • Upper front and back yokes and three front and back panels in the lower part
  • Visible zipper in the side
  • Welt pockets
  • False flap for the welt pocket
  • Waistband with button closure

The Biarritz skirt is available in PDF document with sizes divided into layers: you can print only the size you really need.

To download the pattern, click here!

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See ya!

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