today I’m writing about them.

Jeans come from afar: their history is said to start back in 1567 and the word jeans came from the type of fabric Italian Genoese sailors used for their garments.

All along history, the fabric jeans remained to arrive to our modern days.

As we all know, jeans are a complicated garment to sew for yourself, due to their numerous details. These details are discouraging for the home sewer.

To sew some high-level jeans, you need some specifical industrial machines and, unfortunately, these are not available to everybody.

With that being said, I’ve decided to start my journey in the jeans-making universe, first of all, to put my knowledge to the test, to discover a completely different sewing field, but most of all, to give the pants a new possibility. I gave up wearing pants a few years ago to concentrate on sewing mostly dresses and coats.

The result of this discovery has opened the doors to satisfaction.

Being able to create a garment from scratch is rewarding and is synonymous with having great knowledge. You have full control over the productive process: type of fabric used, design of the garment, type of threads, which type of zipper to use, which lining to use for the front pockets, what type of design to apply to the back pockets, hem length, what kind of hem is better for your jeans. Basically, every choice depends on you.

I’ve created the pattern on my measurements, with a very specific design in mind.

High-rise slim cigarette ankle jeans were what I had in mind.

Choosing though has some risks: if you start from scratch, there’s the possibility you will not see the end of your garment.

If you don’t know what you want, it will be very difficult to end your project and be satisfied by it.

There’s the possibility, that once you finish the last topstitch, you dislike your jeans so much, you will think you’ve wasted your time.

Despite all the choices the creation of a pair of jeans puts you through, I’m happy I’ve sewn it.

While I’m writing it, end of 2023, the global situation it’s pretty peculiar and it concerns us, both as human beings and as fashion consumers.

On one side the environmental issues, such as the use of natural resources and waste disposal of fast fashion companies, and on the other side the possibility to change the way we buy and live fashion. We can switch, when it’s possible, to buy vintage garments, buy better-constructed garments so that they can last longer, or even mend what we already have in our wardrobes.

We can change all of that by not being “slaves” of marketing rules or fashion trends.

Keeping in mind all the variables I’ve walked you through, I’m satisfied with these jeans, even though it has a few problems. I’ll share those with you in the next article.

I’m happy about them because they gave me the possibility to choose the right garment for me, based on my taste and needs.

I would love to know what you think about it. Leave a comment down here below and let me know what you think about it.

Fancy to see what I sewed for myself? You can find it here!

Nuovo cartamodello DNDC: Atena, la blusa raglan

See ya!

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