Welcome back! If you’re around, I would like to invite you to Mondo Creativo in Bologna!

It’s a bit I’m absent from here, so let’s be back with great news: I would love to invite you to Mondo Creativo in Bologna for a new sewing course!

I will be attending the event on November, Saturday, the 26th, and Sunday 27th and we will be sewing Clarissa, the maxi blouse!!

What would you need?

Yourself and the will to sew!

Clarissa who?

Clarissa is the maxi blouse with sloped shoulders, side bows and high neckline. You can wear it during almost all seasons and you can proudly say: “I made it!”

You will find at the exhibition what you need: the pattern, the fabric, the sewing machine, and all the accessories to sew!

If you wish to participate, write me so that I can tell you everything about it!

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me!

Looking for free patterns? Click here!

PSSST: if you cannot attend Mondo Creativo in Bologna, would you like to find the downloadable pattern here on the blog?

Nuovo cartamodello DNDC: Atena, la blusa raglan

See ya!

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