It’s about time to travel again, only with your fantasy: ready to go to Paris?

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We’re realizing every single day that 2020 it’s an unusual year. Nothing will end soon, nothing went good, and possibly not everything will go as we wish.

What to do to cope with this chaos that surrounds us?

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I’ve decided to go on and do what I know: pattern making.

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I would love to let everyone know that sewing keeps you company, I would love to let you know that sewing is for everybody, no matter the age and the gender, I would love to let you know that sewing brings peace and calm, I would love to let you know that sewing isn’t about challenge someone, it’s improving yourself and yes, sewing will be always there for you.

I would also like not to lose relationships, that are obviously precluded in this situation. Because sewing for me means being together, making new friends, and taking care of yourself, by staying in the moment.

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For all of these reasons, I’ve decided that the pattern of this coat, Paris, is free.

The coat Paris.

Probably you remember it: it’s the pattern I’ve created to be published in the La Mia Boutique magazine in October 2019. And yes, in my eyes, it is just as romantic and marvelous as the real Paris is, which stole my heart years ago.

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Com’on Niko, it ain’t real. It can’t be totally free.

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Yup, it is. You can find the pattern HERE and you can download it in multiple Italian sizes, 38 to 50, all in one PDF pattern. You will also find a material sheet, where you have the fabric measurements, the size measurements, and the pieces by which the coat is formed.

There’s just one thing: you will not find any instructions or pattern placement to help you create this pattern.


Because I want you to go all-in with your knowledge. I want you to improve. I want you not to settle for anything less than “I know how to do it”.

If you already are at a certain level, upgrading a little bit will not worry you at all. If you’re somewhere between novice and intermediate, you could be scared by all of this and it’s totally normal. And if you’re in some way a newbie you would love to have done it YESTERDAY. Let’s face it: go big or go home, right? (been there, done that!)

And doesn’t matter which party are you in, in case you decide to go all-in with Paris and you probably might have a few questions, I’m here to help with a single sewing lesson on just one detail or a full sewing course on how to sew the full pattern! And you can contact me here.

Technical details coat Paris

  • Unlined coat,
  • hood formed by two separate pieces,
  • two pieces sleeve,
  • front and back princess seam,
  • front and back yoke,
  • inseam pockets,
  • hidden zip,
  • half circle skirt,
  • comfortable ease,
  • all bias finished on the inside.

The coat Paris is available on PDF document with sizes divided in layers: you can print only the size you really need. The pattern has NOT the seam allowances included.

To download the pattern, click here!

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See ya!

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4 thoughts on “Cappotto Parigi: experiment and improve!”

  1. Hello, please, could you help me and tell me, how to download the pattern? This coat is absolutely stunning but when I add it to cart and want to proceed, the page will jump to main page and nothing more happens…. Thank you very much in advance

    1. Hi Jana, thank you for your kind words and for letting me know about the malfunction of the shop: right now it’s fixed.
      Let me know if it works again and if it still doesn’t, I’m here!
      Hope you will download it and sew it!
      Have a great night!

  2. I would love to make this pretty cloth but I just started my sewing journey. As you told I’m totally scared and have no idea how to sew it in one piece. Need help.

    1. Hi Gabriela,
      take your time with sewing. You can find a lot of tutorials online and with trials and errors I’m sure you’ll get to the point where you will sew this coat!
      Dont’ give up: sewing is amazing and you can do it, one step at the time!

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